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Our Environmental Policy

Forest Green Rovers (FGR) is dedicated to becoming a truly sustainable football club, a world first. We aim to make it a place where we can demonstrate eco thinking and technology to a new audience, football fans. Indeed we believe that we have the opportunity to introduce sustainability to the wider world of sport, not just football.

Because we know that a football club has an impact on the environment, we've implemented the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) qualification – the gold standard in environmental performance – to measure those impacts and target them for reduction.

Within our EMAS we've set ourselves ambitious targets to continually improve performance, significantly reduce pollution made by all areas of the club and ensure we’re compliant with environmental regulations.

We will seek to reduce the impacts of our activities by, for example:

  • Making pitch irrigation independent from the water mains – using a combination of rain, drain and spring water.
  • Creating an organic pitch. This means no pesticides or manmade chemicals will be used.
  • We’ll protect and enhance biodiversity around the ground, by protecting and enhancing the habitats and making FGR a great place for wildlife as well.
  • We’ll install electric vehicle charge points to make it easier for players and visitors to use electric vehicles
  • We’ll trial the use of electric vehicles for our players.
  • We’ll continue to promote healthier food for our players, staff, visitors and fans. Using increasing percentages of local and organic ingredients – and by focusing on the bigger picture issue of food choice. The club no longer serves meat as part of this commitment.
  • We will aim to make as much of the energy we use, on site, ourselves, including installing solar PV at the club to reduce the stadium’s reliance on the grid, while lowering energy bills and the club’s carbon footprint.
  • And we’re creating an eco-education/venue/visitor centre – so that we can show a wider audience the changes we have made, how they work and the impact they've had – empowering people with demonstration and information, to change their own lives.

It’s important that everyone working at Forest Green Rovers FC is aware of this environmental policy and understands how they can help to implement it. We actively encourage ideas and suggestions for anything not yet considered, from within and outside of the club.

An important outcome of this policy is, we hope, long term behavioural change, within the club of course, but also from our supporters and the rest of the sporting world.

Download a copy of our EMAS report below:

By publishing this we’re making our commitment public.

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Dale Vince
Chairman - Forest Green Rovers FC